Investor view to Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform and Ziggurat Token

The investor is the very broad term and the investors who invest cryptocurrencies is a new one. We can only assume what indicators they taking account before they do their decisions and what are the main economic data that is relevant. But as an entrepreneur and investor ourselves, we have to do our jobs with the best knowledge about ecosystems and we have to give our best skills to achieve results.

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform idea is raised from the deep knowledge about personal loan market and the use of assigning loans to other entity. There is in the market startups who try to divide loans into pieces and sell them as small investments on marketplaces. It is the solution but there is very little business for investors. Our solutions bring bid and ask possibilities and the familiar trading environment for all investors because it is hard to think that investor has never seen the stock market trader. And it is the first big benefit, the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform trading environment is familiar to investors.

Then, of course, the assignment. We published several articles about the cessio, assignment, assignor, assignee, debtor, transfer of right .. and so on. Our goal is to explain to future Ziggurat token buyers what our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is all about. Ecex.Exchange is, in short, the transfer of rights from one owner to another and the transfer of this transaction to independent economic agents.Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform earns a commission on transactions. Ecex.Exchange price lists are available in different fiat currencies, depending on the market country.

The Ziggurat Token price on our platform is 1 euro equivalent to 1 token.

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