Question of member of didn’t give me sleep 25.11.2017


just wondering what is the benefit for us to invest in this ICO? like what is the different”

My first and quick response was:

We sell tokens to finance our activities as outlined in White Papers and Roadmap. We sell them at a price of  0.0004166667 ETH. When our Ecex.Exchange works, we offer a payment service option at a price of 1 ZIG equals 1 Euro. We put the issue tokens on the stock exchanges and give market participants the opportunity to buy and sell tokens.”

and it was Black Friday night and me, in the end, I understand that the answer I write was totally wrong. Or it was meant to the world there are only token related news and members looking for better buy, deal, and airdrop.

And correct answer:

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is not a startup and is not a product where we use some next-generation complicated and sophisticated technology. On the contrary trading systems what we use are has justified itself in different countries and stock exchanges. We are building trading platform parts of which are well-known to all and work daily on different stock exchanges in the world.

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform will not grow as fast as rockets like social networks. Our customer is individual or company who is deliberately is working with assignments(which means loans, receivables, bills, agreements,factorings, agreement of rights, etc.). Our Trading Platform is more meant for professionals than private persons. It is the tool helping easier to resolve hard questions how to manage unwanted economic relations.

Ziggurat Token is a tool as well. There are economic reasons why project owner PlanetZiggurat OÜ decided to look financials from ICO market.

Ziggurat Tokens are compatible with our trading system. Ziggurat Tokens circulating altcoin exchanges and our trading platform, and keep our service priced competitive. Tokens will advertise on our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform and bring new customers. And our Platform allows all owners of the tokens, including those who do not have Ziggurat Token traded on our platform and earn a profit.

That’s why it’s worth buying Ziggurat Tokens.

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