Free market Tokens in our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.

      1. Free market Tokens in our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.

One of the most interesting in the ICO world is the question how we can use tokens and what benefits and profits we will get. Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform will introduce in series articles how and when Ziggurat tokens holders can use and how our Trading Platform will work. Our Trading Platform ecosystems allow use tokens in every deal if parties agreed to use tokens in the mutual settlement. And there is the question not only Ziggurat tokens but every token, coins or another instrument that represent the value that parties suit and agreed. On Trading Platform, of course, all fees can pay with Ziggurat tokens and we prefer that deals are performed in Ziggurat token as well.

The world is the big place and all possible assignments including claims, factoring agreements, receivables, bills, loan agreements and other digital assets are issued in different currencies and it is essential that our Trading Platform allows all these transactions made by our users. Ecex.Exchange does not and can not involve to assignment agreement that is the base of our Trading Platform and it mean that all willing parties who want deal with free market tokens are welcome.

      1. Introducing debtors possibility to sell claim against her/himself.

The essence of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is the negotiation of the divestiture agreements, which means that the assignor enters our Trading Platform in his assignment. Assignor is the role meant that this role can be filled in every person and the even debtor can introduce her/his dept.

A Trading Platform can also introduce divestitures of the claim into the debtor, which means that the debtor can place the sales claims against her/him.This option turns the whole loan-giving logic around.In real life, this means that borrowers place their divestitures of claims against her/himself on the Trading Platform and wait for lender offers. They can put the price that they hope and the lenders have to fight to get the deal. Visual picture is like the stock market, but the instruments are different.

And bid/ask are filled in that case ask side from debtor and bid side from the lender. As we see the platform allows different combinations of users and gives provides solutions to various economic agents.

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