STR Swapping Announcement

STR token team has announced token swap. Swap is carried out by token holders not by exchanges!  SRT depositing to Ecex Exhange accounts is closed.

Press release describes process:

“The swap of STR token from the holders of their personal wallet will commence right after you read this message while the swapping STR from any exchanges will commence right after you withdraw your token … , the swapping ratio is 1 : 1. If you hold STR with contract 0x27643f124c35904cbd6a42d10791d0b0768276d7 please contact any admin and ask on how to swap that token to STRT with contract 0xcc3a2773941eb0c79b66f86163a8afbed621194d.”

See full press release

Trading of old contract is still kept open so if you do not want withdraw you have option to sell.




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