Woyager (WYX) token listed and airdrop completed on the Ecex.Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 WYX ($0.00)
Contract: 0x05edffbda103d90d5040829a105f687443e0ca3e
Decimals: 18
Transfers: 4983
Official Site: https://www.woyagertoken.com/

 Woyager (WYX) token is now traded on pairs WYX/ETH and WYX/ZIG

Airdrop in volume 6M WYX has been distributed. As usual 1/3 of this amount was distributed to Ziggurat (ZIG) token holders with balance of 2000 ZIG and over. This time the bonus ratio was 0,808 WYX for every ZIG token.

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