Bitox Tokens are listed on the Ecex.Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BITOX ($0.00)
Contract: 0xbdda280ee7bccc68f3be60a369b6b1eaee02493c
Decimals: 18
Transfers: 22396
Token Holders: 13294
Official Site:

 Bitox Tokens (BITOX) will be listed on Ecex  Exchange on 22nd of October 2018. Token is listed on BITOX/ETH and BITOX/ZIG pairs.

On same date also airdrop in volume 1M BITOX will be distributed. As usual 1/3 of this amount will be distributed to Ziggurat (ZIG) token holders with balance of 2000 ZIG and over. Airdrop is proportional to  ZIG balance held. At the moment the expected bonus ratio will be  0.119 BITOX for every ZIG token (actual ratio on airdrop moment may vary). 2/3 Of airdrop is distributed among all active Ecex Exchange accounts whereas active traders will get 2 shares and passive accounts 1 share.

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Please study carefully before investing to tokens. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. By entering order you agree taking risk.



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