XBORN ID token (XBornID) will be listed and airdropped on the Ecex Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 500,000,000 XBornID ($0.00)
Contract: 0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4
Decimals: 18
Transfers: 264
Official Site: https://www.xbornid.com

XBORN ID token (XBornID) will be listed and airdropped on Ecex Exchange on 9th of November 2018. Token will be traded on pairs XBornID/ETH and XBornID/ZIG

Airdrop volume is 1,000,000 XBornID tokens. As usual 1/3 of this amount will be distributed to Ziggurat (ZIG) token holders with balance of 2000 ZIG and over. At the moment expected bonus ratio is 0,0243 XBornID tokens for every ZIG token.

Rest 2/3 of airdrop will be distributed between all active Ecex Exchange accounts. Accounts with trades will get 2 shares and others 1 share as usual.

Project team discribes the token as :

Just free AIRDROP and BOUNTY simply for community involvement

Solutions For Android App Developers
Now there are a lot of highly creative android app developers with various categories of android apps created, but they are hard to sell to the public. The reason is because they do not have the funds to sign up in Google Play Developer (PlayStore). And another reason they face is that they do not have a Credit Card. Now, XBornID is here to solve the problem, by paying only 10000 XBornID Token then developers can already have apps that release in playstore with their own ads inside their app. They will be paid from ads installed in their app.

For those who have no expertise in creating android apps, do not worry! We can also advise those who want to create their own android app without understanding programming languages. Those who want to make android app quickly and easily without having expertise or experience in making android app, we suggest it to use a third party and it is free (contact the admin to find out some sites that provide free app creation).


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