Stellar-based Bitcoin X asset (BTX) listed on Ecex Exchange

Summary [Stellar]
Total Supply: 20,998,401 BTX ($0.00)
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

Bitcoin X token (BTX) has been listed Ecex Exchange on 29th of November 2018. Token is traded on pairs BTX/XLM and BTX/ZIG

2 BTX tokens have been distributed to every Ecex Exchange account with ZIG token balance 2000 and over.

Project team describes the token as :

Bitcoin X is an asset running on Stellar Lumens platform that aims to accomplish Satoshi’s vision on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin under a scalable way so people can use a global peer-to-peer electronic cash system all around the world. We also are a blockchain enthusiasts who seek to bring to this community a reliable payment method they can trust on solving scalability issues. You can see more information here in our whitepaper.


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