Stellar-based Citron asset (XCT) will be listed on Ecex Exchange

Summary [Stellar]
Total Supply: 8,500,000,000 XCT ($0.00)
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

Citron token (XCT) will be listed on Ecex Exchange on 04th of December 2018. Token will be traded on pairs XCT/XLM and XCT/ZIG

15 000  XCT tokens will be distributed  between most active trades and Ecex Exchange accounts with ZIG token balance 2000 and over.

Project team describes the token as :

Citron is a worldwide Platform for Blockchain Multi Payments of highly profitable assets by issuing asset-backed tokens (XCT). The Platform will establish an appropriate infrastructure for XCT offerings that protects investors from the major part of risks and offer a ready, secure and proven solution for companies. XCT powering


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