Stellar-based Citron asset (XCT) airdrop completed

Summary [Stellar]
Total Supply: 8,500,000,000 XCT ($0.00)
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

Citron token (XCT) has been listed on Ecex Exchange on 04th of December 2018. Token is traded on pairs XCT/XLM and XCT/ZIG

15 000  XCT tokens has been distributed  between 2500 top most active trades and Ecex Exchange accounts with ZIG token balance 2000 and over.

Project team describes the token as :

Citron is a worldwide Platform for Blockchain Multi Payments of highly profitable assets by issuing asset-backed tokens (XCT). The Platform will establish an appropriate infrastructure for XCT offerings that protects investors from the major part of risks and offer a ready, secure and proven solution for companies. XCT powering


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