CYBERGAME token (CYBG) has been listed on the Ecex Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 CYBG ($0.00)
Contract: 0xea5eb17d519a9165fd2d7e024d83856f314958d1
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

CYBERGAME token (CYBG) has been listed on Ecex Exchange on 25th of December 2018. Token is traded traded on pairs CYBG/ETH and CYBG/ZIG

Project team describes the token as :

What is CyberGame?

Cybergame is a hybrid and decentralized gaming platform where people can stake and manage risk factors using Cybergame crypto coin.


Cybergame pin pointed few factors that affects cryptocurrency gaming platform, and we discovered that there are scarce legitimate platform where you can game with crytocurrency assets. Hence we decide to develop a legitimate token and a decentralized platform for secure and anonymous gaming.

-Security Challenges:

This platform is built in such a way that users can use their assets on a special designed nodes. The nodes eliminate the act of cheating/scam since nodes will determine if the loser win or loses a stake.

-Privacy challenges:

Users control their privacy and determine who sees their activities in the platform since it is decentralized.  Users choose who sees the ether scan of their transaction. Harnessing the power of the latest cryptocurrency technologies to aid anonymous gaming.

-Deposit and Withdrawal of Assets challenges:

The platform is built on a secure withdrawal systematic process. Since it is a decentralized platform, your funds remain in your wallet till you decide to stake.




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