STR Swapping On Ecex Exchange

We are happy to announce that STR token team has decided to swap all tokens held by Ecex Exchange customers, so token holders do not have to do it.  Swap has been processed and trading  carried out normally. Deposit and withdrawal are available. SRT token’s new contract address is 0xcc3a2773941eb0c79b66f86163a8afbed621194d.

Token team’s press release :

 The swapping ratio is 1 : 1. If you hold STR with contract 0x27643f124c35904cbd6a42d10791d0b0768276d7 … swap that token to STRT with contract 0xcc3a2773941eb0c79b66f86163a8afbed621194d. Moreover to firmly develop the project and continue what is started from the start of STR project we will do token sale of our STRT token with projected financial goal of achievement.

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