Tranium token (TRM) has been listed and airdropped on the Ecex Exchange


Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 15,000,000,000 TRM ($0.00)
Contract: 0xbffe4fdcd397e7942fd7c9f99255e0aa34e4b3fb
Decimals: 8
Official Site:

Tranium token (TRM) has been listed on Ecex Exchange on 30th of January 2019. Token is traded traded on pairs TRM/ETH and TRM/ZIG

Project team describes the project as :

Tranium Token & Tranium Marketplace

Tranium Token is a decentralized online payment solution on the ethereum blockchain, carefully created to eradicate the problems faced by both sellers and buyers in the industry.

To make this possible, the Tranium System provides a Tranium Marketplace, an online store and a decentralized trust worthy marketplace on the blockchain for tomorrow’s global e-commerce.

Our Mission

Tranium’s mission is to provide e-commerce in a different way by;
  • Creating a reputable and trust worthy decentralized system
  • Providing a universally acceptable, usable and accessible payment system which is easy and efficient
  • Making transactions cheaper and fast
  • Providing a marketing solution with lower expenses
  • Increasing the purchasing power of people living in underdeveloped countries


What is Crypto?


On same day Tranium token (TRM) is been airdropped to Ecex Exchange customers on.

Airdrop volume was 3,000,000 Tranium tokens. As usual 1/3 of this amount is distributed to Ziggurat (ZIG) token holders with balance of 2000 ZIG and over. Bonus ratio is 0,22 Tranium tokens for every ZIG token.

Rest 2/3 of airdrop is distributed between all active Ecex Exchange accounts. Accounts with trades will got 2 shares and others 1 share as usual. Share value is 31 Tranium tokens.


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