Delisting of BTK Token

BTK Token will be delisted on 28th of February  2019 by request of token team. Token withdrawal and deposit stays open as long customers are using it.

In March we plan open free trade area where customers can trade any tokens they have, including BTK. In this area there will be no official listing, news, feeds or other data what could be considered as Ecex Exchange information about those tokens. Trading is carried out by token holder’s initiative, trading page general info is public and can be promoted by traders.

BTK Token’s team announcement:


Thanks for a good Co-Work

BTK has been in a good development the last couple of years.
We now enter a new phase where we go from Token to Coin.

Therefore do we ask for delisting on ERC20 exchanges before we do the transformation.

We ask for 14 days Delisting time on your exchange from This date, meaning latest:

30 February 2019. (???)

In that way, we are sure all our community-members do have a chance to get their coins out.

Thanks for the Co-Work and have a great weekend.

Kindly Confirm that this mail has been received and these steps will be followed, thanks.


BTK Team



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