Omnes Coin (OMNES) has been listed on the Ecex Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 OMNES ($0.00)
Contract: 0xc29004ab38334dc7a9eca1b89d6d4bf9f564d5cf
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

Omnes Coin (OMNES) has been listed on Ecex Exchange on 6th of March 2019. Token is traded traded on pairs OMNES/ETH and OMNES/ZIG

Project team describes the token as :


Through coins mining, The OMNESCOIN makes costumers digital investments using crypto-coins. Furthermore, we make trade, automated
arbitrage and investments in altcoins.
We have 1 billion OMNES tokens, our coin, available on the Market.
Thinking on social responsibility, 10% of this total will be destined to Community projects that use OMNES coins and the other 15% will be donated to charity
The OMNESCOIN has their own social media, with news, informative videos and online courses. Where the participant wins a certificate and OMNES


1. Enable income, offering digital investments;
2. Have sustainability with their allocated assets investments ;
3. Become a recognized company on national level in a short term and
international in a long term;




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