King’s Global Token (KSG) has been listed on the Ecex Exchange

Summary [ERC-20]
Total Supply: 2,000,000,000,000 KINGS GLOBAL Token (KSG)
Listed Symbol: ArtChain
Contract: 0xfda1f5278b9aa923b5e581565d599810c78c71f5
Decimals: 18
Official Site:

King’s Global Token (KSG) has been listed on Ecex Exchange on 25th of April 2019.  Trading symbol is KSG. Token is traded traded on pairs KSG/ETH and KSG/ZIG

(Token name on Ethereum contract and Etherscan:  KINGS GLOBAL  (KSG))

Project team describes the token as :

King’s Global Token

King’s Global Token is an Erc20 token use for payment and royalty reward within the community and entire crypto space for Welfare/Charity, Shopping and Socialization. Kings Global Token will be developing it’s own Platform as soon as possible and added to all the best exchange in the shortest time possible.


Our objective is to develop a platform for the needy and the philanthropist, we are going to use this platform to bring together the needy and those who are willing to help but simply have no means to reach out and help.

Kings Global aim to help solve all these problem using our platform powered by Blockchain technology, which will make it very easy and convenient to achieve.
We are going to welcome and reach out to as many profound wealthy people &  philanthropist around the world to help sponsor and finance these project in order to reach out to all the needy globally.
The fund sharing will be done according to the number of token held by an individual on monthly basis. The funds gotten will then be used to purchase Kings Global token from market and payment of charity shares will be done in Kings Global token in current trade value to each members wallet which can be traded back or hold for more greater reward.

The world at large has been suffering from proper welfare and charity stance for several years, for so long there’s been abject poverty all over the world and many has been trying to help but was unable to cater for all due to inability to locate those who really need the help and how to get them, who to help, when to help , who need help and those who seriously need these help first.



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