0,5 ETH loan. Tutorial P2P deal, asset listing, investing.

  1. Asset Exchange  (menu “Add new”) Step 1 –  Select assignment type:  Selection  =   Standard
  2. Assignment info  Step  2

3.  Upload Assignment documents Step 3

The ID and contract must be loaded in this section.

The clean example agreement here:    https://info.ecex.exchange/knowledgebase/loan-agreement-sample-for-english-speaking-people/

Example agreement:

Step 3 ready:

Step 3 you can change the file names.

Step 4  Obligor info, borrower info. It is always wise to send the debtor information about his obligations.

Step 5  Listing and signing.

Listing is free despite that shows.

The next step is My assignment: Here you can manage your listings and wait for your assignment to complete.

Trading window view:

If someone buys a claim against you at a price of  0.5 ETH then you will be required to pay them  0.625 ETH in 1 month.








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