How to Withdraw coins

1. Login to Ecex.Exchange’s Official Website:


2. Click [Transactions] -> [Withdrawal].

3. First set withdrawal address if not already present

4. Next select token you want withdraw amount, and fee type. Depending on token/coin type fee options differ.

If fee is in same currency as withdraw then total sum of withdraw amount + fee amount must be less or equal to free balance.

If fee is in other currency then withdraw amount  and  fee amount must have enough funds on corresponding balances.

5. Now confirm your withdrawal with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) code and click [Submit].

3. Depending on several security variables transaction can be carried out or the system might send a confirmation message to your Ecex Exchange registered email address. In later case the status of transaction is Pending (Waiting 2nd confirm) open the email titled [Ecex Exchange Withdrawal Confirmation Request], make sure it is your intended transaction, and then click [Confirm Withdraw] when you would like to proceed with withdraw. NB! Be sure that you are logged in Ecex Exchange when clicking confirm link.

The confirmation email looks something like this :

Under Transactions -> My Transactions you can see status of withdrawal:


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