Trading Service Trade fee
Pair ZIG / ERC20 Token

Base Currency Ziggurat (ZIG). Quote Currency Listed ERC20 Token.

Token pair with ETH or XLM

Base Currency Ethereum (ETH). Quote Currency Listed ERC20 Token.

Other Services Fee ZIG Fee ETH
Listing ERC20/Stellar Token on Exec Exchange

Existing Token can be listed by anyone. ETH-based token must be ERC20 standard and must have verified source code in Token must have team, links on Etherscan, whitepaper.
Tokens without trading activity will be de-listed after 30 days (no restrictions to be listed again).

Starting 1000.00 ZIG* ( about 0.02 ETH)
Express Listing ERC20/Stellar Token on Exec Exchange

Listing processed in 1-3 working days. Rules for token are same as in case of regular listing.

10 ETH
Re-listing ERC20 Token on Exec Exchange

Tokens without trading activity will be de-listed after 30 days. Re-listing fee.

700.00 ZIG (about 0.014 ETH)
Token contract swap

Change of token contract – condition is that tokens supply stays same. Two weeks trading break.

10000.00 ZIG (about 0.2 ETH)
Cross-listing on other blochain Market

Opening Token/XLM (ERC20 token) or Token/ETH (Stellar token) pair for trading. Listing fee.

8000.00 ZIG (about 0.16 ETH)
Trading Contest

Trading statistics, token transactions, promo up to 6 ad posts, winnings distribution.

1000.00 ZIG (about 0.02 ETH)
Pausing Trading

Pausing trading after trading is already started. Lister must provide offical announcement 2 weeks before pausing.

Delisting pair

Delisting pair without reasonable explanation (technical, security flaw etc.)

10 ETH

Tokens and ETH deposit is free.

0.00 ZIG 0.00 ETH
Tokens Withdrawal

Regular Queue Processing.

245.00 ZIG* 0.0035 ETH
Express Withdrawal

Express Queue Processing.

305.00 ZIG* 0.0045 ETH
Airdrop Cooldown Token Withdrawal

Cooldown period is usally 1 month. Applies to tokens got via airdrop.

270.00 ZIG* 0.040 ETH
*) Withdrawal fees in ZIG are 75% of feest in Ethereum. Fee price is corrected in every few days according to ZIG/ETH pair trading price. See more about fees pricing policy in Press release 2018-07-04 
With implementing ERC20 tokens trading we will develop and test automatching engine what will be also used for assignments trading. As the assignments market is not yet developed to the autotrading level the tokens trading will help us keep planned roadmap schedule. User is free to choose if fees are paid using Ziggurat (ZIG) tokens from his/her Ecex Exchange account or in Euro (thirdparty payment service).
*) Regular listing fee price from 2000 ZIG starting 1st of October 2018

Service Fees

All service fees are reduced from customer’s Ecex Exchange Ziggurat (ZIG) tokens account balance

Service Price ZIG
List Assignment

Listing and signing assignment info and document files into smartcontainer

10.00 ZIG

Signing Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to see assigment documents. Primary listing information of assignment is free.

0.10 ZIG
ZIG Tokens Withdrawal

Regular Queue Processing, minimum withdrawal amount 30 ZIG.

300.00 ZIG*
ZIG Tokens Withdrawal

Express Queue Processing.

375.00 ZIG*
ZIG Tokens Deposit

Your deposit will be processed once your deposit address has a balance of at least 30 ZIG.

0.00 ZIG
Contacting Listing Owner

Contacting counterparty via Ecex Exchange portal messaging system is free of charge.

0.00 ZIG
ZIG Tokens Transfer

ZIG Tokens Transfer from one Ecex Exchange account to another.

0.00 ZIG
Other ERC20 Tokens Transfer

ERC20 Tokens Transfer from one Ecex Exchange account to another.

0.50 ZIG

Ecex.Exchange  fee and airdrop token address:     0x989fCBC46845A290e971a6303Ef3753fb039D8D5

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